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Does the company that you chose have a positive image? We made the front page of the Work & Money section of the local newspaper.

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We have encountered this FAR TOO MANY TIMES. A fence deposit is NOT to hold your spot on their schedule. Regardless of if it is a few days, or worse a few weeks in advance, any fence installer that gets a deposit check in advance, USUALLY has some type of cash flow PROBLEM. In all likelihood, their business is using your money to pay for their other debts. A customer has been waiting for weeks and weeks for the installer to start their fence and their start date comes and goes and they are left waiting weeks past their start date. Since they have your deposit, now instead of having your fence installed, you are stuck waiting for them to build it because you let them have your money long before they had ever planned on starting. Some fence companies in Goldsboro have ABSOLUTELY NO ETHICS OR MORALS AT ALL. Our fence builder is not one of them. We don't get a deposit and we hold your spot. We always pay for the materials out of pocket so they arrive at your house before you ever give us a single dollar.

We have dozens of pages of information on this website dedicated to providing our potential clients with the information they need to make an educated decision about their purchase. We have a DECADE LONG proven track record in just the Raleigh area. Any person can create a website, NOT every person can build a fence correctly. We guarantee if you hire this company, you will get one that lasts a lifetime.

It was no surprise when we were featured on the FRONT PAGE of the Raleigh News & Observer's Work And Money section several years ago. Our first job was nearly 11 years ago and you can see that we have had continued success with building wood structures AND THAT THEY LAST. We have always delivered on time and given you the longest warranty in the industry.

After more than seven years of success in Goldsboro, Wilson, Wake Forest, Raleigh, Apex, and Cary, we expanded our business south and west to Charlotte nearly 7 years ago. We have references across the entire state of North Carolina.

Does the nstaller provide you with paperwork or their warranty in writing?

Is only the price in writing? A written agreement as to the scope of the work, price, and timeframe to get the work done, is the best way to protect you from problems down the road, such as warranty issues. Most companies give you a one or three year workmanship warranty. This HELPS ZERO since many of the workmanship problems that could go wrong such as non-galvanized nails rusting out, would not show up for probably five years. WE GIVE YOU A LIFETIME WORKMANSHIP WARRANTY!


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