Choose the RIGHT fence company in to build your fence. Prices in general, particularly gas prices continue to rise but OUR FENCE PRICES HAVE STAYED FIRM!

There are more than 20 wood fence designs. Below is a sample breakdown for building a 6-foot high dog-ear fence.

All REAL fence companies in Raleigh or any other city use the same suppliers. There is no difference is the quality of the lumber one company can get over another company.

A REAL fence company will not use pre-made sections they will build their fences picket by picket.
While this occasionally can be done without consequences, the success stories are rare.

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We have the most common designs of wood fences shown in our Fence Photo Gallery. You will see many of the same designs on our competitor's websites as well. Our fence company specializes in the most common ones shown above for your benefit. When I searched online for various sites about fences, most are just advertisements BUT very few are actually INFORMATIONAL. We've turned this website into a FENCE EDUCATION WEBSITE so you can learn everything there is to know about building fences.

Making a material list for a privacy fence is pretty simple. First, you need to decide upon which style best fits your budget. That is where Lifetime Warranty Fences comes in. They can complete your job, the cheapest and quickest because they are a very cost efficient company, WE ONE OF THE ONLY FENCE COMPANIES WHO DO NOT USE SUB-CONTRACTORS!!

Why does that make a difference? Other companies use sub-contractors and while they are credible, knowledgeable, and qualified. However, they cost more money because of their expenses since their sub-contractors have to provide their own trucks and tools. We recommend one fence company for all wrought iron, aluminum, and chain link jobs.


Dog Ear Privacy Fence Price Sheet Material List

  • 4x4 x 8 PT post every 8-feet plus additional ones for gates and. About $1.00/ft.

  • Three PT 2x4 x 8's. About $1.15/ft.

  • About 2.2/ft of 5/8x6 x 6 PT dog ear pickets for every eight feet. Today's approximate cost, $3.75/ft.

  • Two inch and three inch ring shank hot dipped galvanized nails. Roughly .34 per ft.

  • You can rent an auger, or if you're crazy enough buy a pair of post hole diggers and have fun.
    Either way nearly $0.35/ft is added to your job.

  • Gate hardware, estimated retail price $35 a gate.

  • Tools. Do you already have everything you think you will need? You need a nail gun and air compressor.

  • I guess you could probably figure it out, but do you want it done quickly or do you really want to spend SEVERAL weekends doing hard labor?

  • 50-60 lbs. of concrete per hole. $0.50 ft

  • DELIVERY?????? Usually $50-$75 ? Have fun in a pick-up truck with gas $4.00 a gallon.

In the end, the actual cost to do your job is about $9.02 per foot including taxes, which I priced out just before writing this list for you to build your own fence. These prices were collected in the Raleigh area only. Prices are usually regional similar to gas prices where some cities are just more expensive.


If we are charging what we charge above for this fence then why are those other Raleigh fence companies charging SOOOOOO much more?

You're NOT getting a BETTER PRIVACY FENCE AT ALL, nor even better quality work.

You're paying them more for your wood fence because their business styles and approaches are vastly different than our business model. We do NOT sub-contract jobs, which is what ALMOST ALL other Raleigh fence companies do which is EXPENSIVE FOR YOU!

We are the KING of wood fence installation.
We will save you money.
We will not do it at the expense of quality.