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Two runaway horses raced along a Fourth of July parade route in a small town, trampling children who were in the street picking up candy and injuring 24 people, police said. The horses became out of control after one rubbed its head against the other, removing that horse's bridle. The horses and the wagon attached to them ran for six blocks, running into children and adults seated and standing along the streets


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This horse fence builder does not do any type of electric equine fences. We only build wood fences which is what we specialize in. We have the longest known warranty in the industry against workmanship defects. Because of our business experience and skill, we can beat our competitor's equine prices by hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. A 3-rail is the least expensive option when it comes to getting a high quality pasture fence at a low price. A typical 3-rail equine fence is usually about $7-$8 per foot. A 4-rail pasture one as seen above is about $8-$10 per foot. We only use 2x6 rails instead of 1x6 rails like other companies use. A 2x6 is the same cost as a 1x6 whether you believe it or not. A 2x6 is a lot less likely to warp as well. Why would you let them use 1x6's? That is a great question. We are able to control our business costs and thats how we pass our savings on to you! We are quickly becoming the preferred North Carolina pasture encloser!

Our horse fence builders can save you HUNDREDS!!!


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This company only builds wood horse fences and currently has the longest known warranty in the industry against workmanship defects. Vinyl and aluminum materials will not hold or contain large animals like horses. Vinyl and aluminum materials will bend crack or break if a large animal ran into them. Because of our employee's experience and skill, they can usually complete many of their jobs in a couple days. You know they will build your horse fence right the first time and will not have to keep coming back for repairs.

This division opened in mid 2007. They are quickly dominating the cities left between Raleigh and Charlotte. Our three rail and four rail horse fences are built with the highest quality lumber. We only use 2x6's unlike those othercompanies who use 1x6's to increase their profit and cut your quality.

Our Charlotte division began in January 2007. Its low prices and skilled crew can install your job so quickly and cost efficiently, noone can beat our prices, GUARANTEED. We use the best materials unlike other businesses who use 1x6's which are only 1/2 as thick for the same installation price.

There's endless info about horses. We're going to cover the basics and most interesting facts.

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A horse is a mammal with hooves. They're herbivores and are a member of the same family of animals which includes zebra's and donkeys. While mammals have existed on Earth for roughly 200 MILLION years, horses have been around for roughly 50 MILLION years! Obviously evolution has occured during this time period, and therefore the domesticated horses of today are very different to the undomesticated horses millions of years ago. Domestication of horses occurred around 4000 BC and now there are more than 300 breeds of horses.

An interesting trait of horses is that they are able to sleep both standing up and laying down. This feature goes hand in hand with their designed ability to use their speed to escape threats and predators. They do not sleep in a continuous time frame, but take many short naps of sleep. The average horse pregnancy lasts a little longer than a human pregnancy. A horses gives birth at about 11 months. They are considered adults by about five years old. They have a life span of about 25 years. The oldest horse on record was a horse that lived to be 62 years old! Oleander Leaves are toxic to horses. Horses and humans have had a long long positive relationship together. Horses work with humans in law enforcement, agriculture, the entertainment industry, and were even used in war.

Another interesting fact is that the height of a horse is measured in hands. Yes, you read that correctly, nowadays a hand is standardized at 4". As far as I know in my research, a horse is the only thing on earth that is measured by hand length. For instance a horse that is 13 h is really 52" tall. Have you ever wondered what the difference between a horse and a pony is? There is more to the difference than just the size of the two animals, where ponies are much smaller. A pony generally has thicker fur in their manes, tails, and coats. Their temperments are much more relaxed than that of horses.

Equines have a wide variety of distinctive marks, coloring, and coats. Each horse is physically different like each human is physically different. A adult human skeleton has an average of 206 bones. A skeleton of a horse has an average of 205 bones. Another major difference between humans and equines is that a human has a collarbone and equines do not. A horse eats anywhere from 15 to 25 lbs of feed each day and consumes about 11 gallons of water a day. They have the largest eyes of any land mammal and a range of vision of almost 360°! Their senses are also incredible and have superb night vision, but they can only see two colors.

A horse will not go hunting for a rattle snake to protect his owner but horses can get bitten by rattle snakes. Some horses become curious at 'that moving rope' through a paddock or corral or pasture and will reach down to sniff it and get bitten on the nose or head by the disturbed reptile. Or horses in a pasture eating grass may get bitten on the face, neck or ears. Usually the horse will suffer only a minor reaction to the venom and will not die unless the horse is very old or very young. But it can take weeks and months of care to get them back to full health. Snakes are just that, dangerous and there is virtually no physical chemicals that will deter or eliminate snakes. The two methods are usually firearms and shovels. Consider Them Gone® pest control and snake extermination information has a bit more on the subject.

Our source for our horse information above is Wikipedia®. YES, YOU CAN GET A DUI WHILE RIDING A HORSE. DON'T RIDE OR DRIVE UNDER THE INFLUENCE! Here is an interesting article about the more than 20 polo horses that died.