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Wood Fence Photographs

convex shadowbox painted with french gothic postsconvex scalloped with french gothic postspicket options 4 foot four feet tallshadowbox standard good neighbor fence semi-privateconvex spaced scalloped with french gothic postsgothic picket with french gothic postsconcave shadowboxconcave scalloped pressure treated lumber fence privacycap and trim fancy fence design arbor photo picture images estimates quotes materials labor lumber prices costfrench gothic standard picket pet containment yard estimate quotes deals specialsdog ear privacy fence installation on sale deals specials prices costs classical

    The most common and practical styles of picket and privacy fences are shown on this page, as well as the more elaborate Cap and Trim model. We have a separate page for our horse fences. Horse fences are not common in Raleigh but common in rural areas. With some small differences, you will basically see MOST or ALL of the same styles on our competitor's websites. Our installers' specialize in all wood fences, not just the ones featured above.

Materials continue to rise and businesses continue to lay people off SO.......


By hiring ANY other wood fence company, you are NOT getting a better quality fence, better quality lumber, or even better workmanship. During your on-site estimate with any other company, you are getting a salesman or saleswoman, who job is to make you THINK their fences are better than our's.


Their fences cost more money because they have MANY more expenses than we do. Subcontractors cost more which is what MOST fence companies other than ours uses. Subcontractors are fence companies who basically cannot afford ADVERTISING, so they get work from SEVERAL fence companies.. Advertising is an ENORMOUS cost to fence companies. We used to spend $20,000 a year on telephone book ads. So they get hired by someone that provides advertising. Basically, a middle man, now, you are paying TWO companies. One to build your fence and one to supervise them building your fence. Our company is dedicated to STREAMLINING OUR BUSINESS COSTS.

You see we have:

NO advertising costs, NO subcontractor costs, NO accounting costs, and
NO estimate costs equals =

WE HAVE BEEN BUILDING FENCES ACROSS NORTH CAROLINA FOR 7 YEARS NOW!! WE ONLY BUILD WOOD FENCES. Our Raleigh fence company is the leader of providing the HIGHEST QUALITY, lowest cost fences.



The BEST thing you can do to PREVENT warping and cracking in your wood fence is to WATER SEAL OR STAIN YOUR FENCE. This is the perfect way to PROTECT your investment. Would you buy a car without paint? Then why would you buy a fence without stain or water sealer?