Properly Built Wood Fences:

Here in the Triangle (Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill) and the rest of the state of North Carolina and throughout the southeastern United States, the predominant wood used outdoors is pressure treated southern yellow pine. Even when unpainted or stained, when properly installed, it can provide a long lasting, beautiful fence. Our contractors install wood fencing using the proper techniques, materials, and only the best installers. This page is designed to help educate the consumer on wood products used for fences for the Raleigh/Durham and Wilmington, NC. areas.

4x4 Posts and Post Depth:

Typically, we set posts 24" in the ground for four, five and six foot tall wooden fences. It must be noted that 4 foot fences only need the posts buried 16". The proper depth is about 1/3 of the total post length buried in the ground and then set in concrete. Before we dig, we call North Carolina One Call to locate the underground utilities. After we have laid out the line of the fence, and dug the holes, we set the posts in concrete. Typically, 40-60lbs of concrete per hole, and up to 80lbs for the gate posts.

Some Raleigh fence companies will try to save money on materials for the fence by slacking on concrete, or not using any at all. Using concrete is not even an option, it is a MUST. We are constantly trying to set ourselves apart from the typical fence contractor. Our website provides endless education and is another example of fence information that we provide for do it yourself fence builders as well.

So, when you decide to choose to hire a fence contractor in Raleigh, ask some questions about their installation methods, and choose accordingly. It may cost you a little more now, but it will save you much more later!

gates wood fence gate hinges latches premium high quality construction

Fence Gates:

This contractor understands the importance of a properly constructed wood fence gate. The gate is the ONLY part of the fence the consumer uses. The gate is also the ONLY moving part of your wood fence. Our company installs ALL gates with our "NO SAG" Lifetime Warranty guarantee. Our gates are GUARANTEED not to sag. Please don't confuse sagging with warping. Warping is something that is NOT covered under our warranty, but can be prevented by staining, water sealing, or weather proofing your wood fence. The hinges and gate latches are black in color and made from galvanized steel covered with a black powder coat finish. Gates need to be built from scratch, unless it is a chain link, vinyl, or aluminum, and all wood gates should be custom made and not pre-purchased. A fully functioning gate is important and someone who did not build a gate correctly will have problems in a few days or even weeks. Some companies use steel frames for their wood gates. This prevents any warping of the frame, but looks aesthetically ridiculous. I could not imagine having a wood fence with a chain link gate frame.

Fence Costs:

The most popular wood fence in the Raleigh/Durham area is by far the “Dog Eared Wood Privacy”.

Price can vary according to the cost of materials, design, and number/size of gates. The only factor in the price changing is the materials, our charge for labor remains the same (unless custom features are added such as lattice). When I estimate the cost of your job, I price the lumber that day, figuring in every 4×4, 6×6, 2×4 and picket into the job. Labor is then added and the final price is determined.